Please concede me for beingness white

I cognize it used to be OK and alright

However now it is stubborn to succeed

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Surpass the affirmative human activity stampede

Get a joy for which you are qualified

Unless your pigskin color is premier verified

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Your contest authorized and authorized

As if this was important for employment

Though they nickname it communal advancement

I am inauguration to assume otherwise

As now it is achromatic relatives they despise

Disallow to get a job unless they are

On the top of the affirmative color list

Now the white people who get dismissed

Forget their circumstance and education

Immigrants and aliens from different nation

Get preferential nurture and positions

Before eligible and fit whites are hired

Never cognition how laborious it now is to fire

Remove a lazy worker of that category

They be to challenge and demonstrate

Meanwhile on the job they aggravate

Irritate, emasculate, and adult male the boss

Who they discourtesy and unconscientiously toss

Around the bureau as they cooperate trash

Telling discontented co-workers to touch ass

Tolerate their misbehaviour as they dominate

Speak indecently and artlessly as they infuriate

Warning every person to gentle and placate

Lest they directory a grumble of harassment

Drum up charges of racial discrimination

Driving whites into separation and alienation

Unable to get setting free and emancipation

From fear, intimidation, and manipulation

As diehards on the job do away beside justice

Simply provoking to pacifically obviate a tribal ruckus

Quiet all the personnel and status the fuss

Though we all cognise not one and all is for us

Angry whites roasting inside go territory and cuss

As favorable human activity dismantles any incentive

To admiringly donkey work and be really productive

Ironically those beside carry out count it an elective

But those doing all of and someone denied work

The qualified w/out promotions have position.

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